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Rekka no Ken CRACK RP!

Canon is for rolling up into a ball and kicking around a field!

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken CRACK RP
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We had a kick ass run, but the community's closed. Thank you so much to everyone who was a member. I ♥ you!

Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken CRACK RP


PLAY NICE. Don't start flame wars because the RP is going towards a pairing you don't like. This thing is on crack, don't take anything too seriously.

BE ACTIVE. I'm not asking you to post everyday. At least once a month. More would be nice.

BE RESPECTFUL. Don't force someone's character into a situation unless they are okay with it. Or if it's accidental. And stuff.

DEAD PEOPLE CAN COME BACK. They don't need a reason. This is a crack RP. Logic does not apply here.


If you would like to apply for a character, please leave a comment here.

For a list of taken characters, see here.


The hell is this?
This is what is hopefully the most OoC, random, confusing, crack RP in the history of Fire Emblem RP-dom. Hopefully.

Because it's fun. Nyah.

The fuck!? You're ruining the characters! Where is the canon!?!
There is none. At least, I hope there is none. Canon is non-existant here. If you seek canon, go somewhere else.

Is this a parody?
Yeah, sure. If it keeps the elitist canon nazis away from stabbing us, then yes, this is a parody.

Is this anything like omg_symphonia or OMG Naruto?
While I did get the idea off those two RPs, there are no canon characters in this RP. Everyone is on crack. Everyone. Expect no salvation.

Oh please, this is just an excuse to write bad!fic.
Yeah, well, you suck! Hah!